CellScope DIRECT - Lewis Pediatrics, Dr. Lewis

Get remote ear care from Dr. Lewis from anywhere.

CellScope DIRECT is a special program sponsored by Lewis Pediatrics. When you join, you'll get 1 Oto HOME device and we’ll connect you directly with Dr. Lewis for virtual ear exams.

CellScope's Oto attachment and app transform your iPhone into an otoscope. It’s all you need for a virtual ear check.

The CellScope DIRECT Package comes with:

  • 1 Oto attachment (iPhone 5/5s/6 compatible)
  • 1 iPhone 5/5s case and 1 iPhone 6 connector
  • 4 reusable tips
  • CellScope app

Service Details: Between 9am and 11pm, Dr. Lewis will respond to ear exams within a few hours. Response time may vary outside of these hours.